Their  Love Affair

Qubool Hai! Love is the whole thing, we are only pieces. – Rumi
One look at Zoya and Azhar together and you realize they are the pieces that fit perfectly to paint the most beautiful picture! Both the bride and groom’s family came down from Delhi and Mumbai respectively to have the wedding in Pune. Their enthusiasm was extraordinary and each event followed a particular theme. From the boisterous haldi to the solemn nikah, there was laughter aplenty, tears aplenty and blushing aplenty – Just the things we live for! There were some heart-warming moments shared between Zoya and her father and we had a beautiful time immortalising those moments amongst many others. The blushing bride was a sight to behold and we must say, she overshadowed the groom! But at the same time, when they were together, they looked perfect. Extremely hospitable, they made us feel like a part of their family and we had as much fun capturing their love as they had in celebrating their love.

“Photographs are supposed to bring the memories alive and surely no one does it better than Amour Affairs. The pre-wedding shoot and the wedding functions became absolutely unforgettable because of Taher and team. They added a lot of thought process, effort and planning even before arriving for the shoot. Innumerable candid shots bring detail to the memories and we will cherish them for life. Amour Affairs felt like family. We are so grateful and want to say a huge THANK YOU for capturing all the precious moments of all our wedding ceremonies. All the pictures are truly mesmerising and a wonderful reminder of an amazing time we had. Amour Affair team is highly professional and always try to attain perfection. Special thanks to Taher for making the event even more great.”

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Their Moments Treasured Forever

Capturing Zoya and Azhar’s journey is an experience that’s very close to our hearts. We hope you love what you see below.

Effortlessly in love Couple Shoot

In the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale! Zoya and Azhar posed against the rustic brown stones and contrasting lush green gardens to create a stunning set of pictures.

And it was all yellow Haldi

These people sure know how to have fun. A Punjabi theme made the event very colorful and vivid. Mad mad fun followed along with splashes of haldi!

Heart to heart Ghazal Night

Ladies gather around to pick their favorite bangles as they prepare for the ghazal night. Joy and sorrow are felt at the same time as the ghazals touch their hearts. Followed by a bit of dancing, the heavy emotions are put to rest, for now.

A promise of forever Nikah

Zoya is a complete show stopper as she dazzles in red. Azhar arrives in his chariot and the solemn nikah follows, binding them together till eternity. Scroll through the moments that are full of love, happiness and silent tears.

We Immortalized Their Wedding. Now Yours?

Our candid photography, creative videography and that 'special something' immortalized the most special day of their lives and they will be able to relive forever.

If you would like us to capture every breathtaking moment, even the unexpected ones, and tell the story of your wedding then get in touch with us now!

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