Their  Love Affair

Love in Lonavla
We get invited to be a part of a lot of weddings and once in a while, we happen to come across a rather out-of- the box couple. Zahra and Hussain are not your regular run-of- the-mill couple. Not that regular couples are not interesting, but these two have an extraordinary chemistry between them. They didn’t hit it off too well when they first met, but now one look at them and you would swear they were always meant for each other. Hussain is very camera shy while Zahra is always camera ready. Being their photographers, we couldn’t afford to miss a single opportunity to click Hussain! The wedding was a very well planned and intimate affair and both the families showed incredible dynamism. All in all it was a super fun, light hearted and love filled experience and something that we will always cherish. Cheers to love and laughter, cheers to Zahra and Hussain!

“We absolutely are delighted with them. You have somehow managed to capture the moment as a whole- it instantly takes us back to how we were feeling, what we were saying to each other and what happened before and after. For me, the entire wedding was a blur; looking at the pictures we slowly starting relive each moment all over again. Everyone is very impressed and happy as well. Especially since you have managed to capture smiling pictures of Husein while he looks in the camera.”

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Their Moments Treasured Forever

Allow us to take you through this magical experience of Zahra and Hussain’s wedding. These are just some of the many special moments which we did not let slip through our lenses.

The Light & Merry Prewedding Events

Ever imagine those cute summer pool side parties? This event had all that and more. From dhols to quirky photo booths, colorful backdrops and a whole lot of festive spirit.

Let the dancing begin Sangeet

We’re instantly transported to the 70’s Bollywood era. Winged eyeliners, saris, hats and headbands make an entry. This was one entertaining evening as everyone danced away to glory.

Of rituals and traditions Katho

The best part about Indian weddings is that they come with a lot of interesting traditions. Most of us remain aloof of these traditions and weddings are the only way they come to life.

A promise of forever Wedding

Zahra and Hussain make for a stylish couple. Understated beauty that Zahra is, she looked like a million bucks. This wasn’t the traditional kind of wedding where people came and got clicked elegantly with the bride and groom. There was lot of drama and fun here as well. See for yourself.

Relive It In Video

All in all it was a super fun, light hearted and love filled experience and something that we will always cherish.

We Immortalized Their Wedding. Now Yours?

Our candid photography, creative videography and that 'special something' immortalized the most special day of their lives and they will be able to relive forever.

If you would like us to capture every breathtaking moment, even the unexpected ones, and tell the story of your wedding then get in touch with us now!

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