North Indian wedding rituals and ceremonmoneys

Special North Indian wedding traditions- Take a look at what you will experience

Wedding traditions in northern India are distinct from the rest of the country. If someone from other parts of India attends the north Indian wedding, they are sure to witness an atmosphere of charm, glory and grandeur.


This is the initial ritual which is performed some months before engagement or the wedding. Through this, the man and the woman confirm their willingness to get married in the future. This also means that both of them and their families cannot look for other prospect brides & grooms as the relationship has been confirmed by both sides.


This is one of the main ceremonies which Indian weddings have, and this is really special since the couple exchange rings and starts the journey of togetherness.
Welcoming groom
On wedding day, the groom is welcomed into the family by the bride’s father. For this, he treats the groom with honey & yogurt to graciously welcome him.

Jaimala Ceremony

During this, the couple exchanges beautiful garlands as a sign of accepting one another. The family members and other relatives gracing the occasion lovingly throw flowers and petals during the Jaimala Ceremony.
All the ceremonies of north Indian weddings are performed since centuries. Each ritual is performed to worship gods & goddesses and take blessings for the new couple.

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