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Why Pre wedding photo shoots are great for cherishing happy moments?

Wedding days mark journey of a new world for the couple, as they begin with a new lifestyle. Bringing happiness to each other’s life, they wish to begin this journey in the most memorable manner. Amour Affairs bring ultimate wedding and pre wedding photo shoots for all couples.  

You can select the package according to your wish and then have the most amazing experience with our talented professional photographers. Most couples have pre planned their wedding and have already decided what kind of pre wedding photos they want. If you are among such couples, we will be glad to help you in getting your desired shots.

But most couples are unable to decide which pre wedding photo shoot style would suit them, and Amour Affairs comes to their rescue. You can pick the most stylish, mesmerizing theme for your pre wedding shoot and our photographer would provide an awesome package of such photos to you.

Photo shoot themes

Mostly pre-wedding shoots are based on certain themes which are designed by the studio. You can pick any theme based shoot or you can also create your own personalized theme. Amour affairs help the couples in making their wedding shoot experience a happy one.

You can select from Classic, royal, exotic themes which will offer you a lot of variations and make your photos beautiful. The couple will surely enjoy such themes and will find each other’s presence really addicting before they begin journey of a beautiful married life.

Showcasing couple’s chemistry

Couple’s chemistry is an addictive thing when both are extremely comfortable and happy in each other’s presence. The photographers at Amour Affairs plan to enhance and show this striking chemistry in an exotic way.

Pre wedding shoots are more mesmerizing than the other shoots as the couple is free to be themselves. Their love, chemistry and fondness for one another can be easily captured during such shoots and this makes the photos sensual yet classy.

You can also get your own comfort zone while you pose together for the pre wedding photos. This is the time when most couples can bond and showcase their personality together, making the photos highly unique.

We can also help you decide the venue, outfits for your pre wedding shoots or you can decide this together as a couple. Your comfort, happiness and appreciation are our responsibility and that is what we offer through our amazing pre- wedding and wedding shoots.

Even after years of marriage, you will feel the urge to take a glimpse of your special day which was made more memorable with our perfect photo shoots. The dashing, handsome grooms and the stunning gorgeous brides will have a smile all throughout the wedding shoots which is done by Amour Affairs.

We will capture the lovely moments filled with smiles, and silent promises that couples make to each other. Your love life will begin with a sunshine which will always remind you of the best wedding shoot you had.

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