honeymoon destinations in India

Mesmerizing honeymoon destinations in India

Honeymoon planning is a tough job for couples as right place is hard to find. Sometimes right place could be found easily but both partners may not be willing to visit that place. Mutual decision for the honeymoon destination is crucial so that couple could happily spend time and enjoy exploring new places.
Amour Affairs advices to visit that place where you and your partner have not been to. This would surely give chance of exploring new destination and make your bond stronger.


It’s adorable to hold hands and walk down the path surrounded by mountains of huge heights. Shimla would surely be an amazing place to be together as it’s among the top favorite honeymoon spots in India.


It’s said Kashmir is the heaven of India, and certainly there is no doubt. Couples would love to visit this place for their honeymoon and have a time of their life.


It’s called the pink city of India and certainly its one of the most romantic cities. The beautiful forts, Palaces and royal places show the rich culture of India. For a couple who likes historical places, Jaipur will truly be the best choice for honeymoon.


Rich heritage of India and a blend of soothing experience is what Kerala has to offer to its visitors. You will be really, really close to nature while you spend awesome time with your loving partner.

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