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Inspiring Interview with Taher Husain K founder of Amour Affairs

1. First of all, kindly enlighten us about your business.Best wedding Photographer Pune|Inspiring Interview with Taher Husain K founder of Amour Affairs

A lot of love sagas begin on Valentine’s Day and call it a coincidence, but so did ours. It was on 14th Feb 2011 that Taher shot his first official wedding, and so after that Amour Affairs was born. The birth of Amour Affairs also coincided with the inception of the most popular trend in photography today i.e. Candid Photography. The first client who we shot for was an architect. Being from a creative field themselves, their brief was to do something different and fun instead of the usual boring wedding pictures. And thus, we shot the wedding with our creative lens on, focusing more on framing the highlight moments with good composition rather than the traditional pictures.

2. What inspired you to go for this area of business?

Taher always believes in making people happy, and he chose a profession that could exactly deliver the same. Your pictures should always make you and your loved ones cherish the memories, and that’s only going to happen if a moment is captured. The happiness of being around people, capturing the most cherished moments of their life is something that drives us on this path of Photography.

3. What are all the challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

Photography is a profession with lots of opportunities, it’s not a confined business and thus it comes with various challenges from finding the right team to the right clients. When we started our journey people were not very aware about candid photography so getting business from a different mindset was a path to a difficult road. Thats one side of the coin the other was with finding the right team, Most photographers choose to freelance because it comes with less baggage so to find people who will solely work for us was a dark cloud that we didn’t see coming. And we were looking for artists who have passion for their work and not for people who wake up one morning with a DSlR. Photography is an art which cannot be taught to someone who doesn’t crave for it. But gradually our work spoke volumes which helped us gain the clients who truly valued our work which eventually helped us to keep our team busy and unique.

4. Share with us the achievements of your company in the industry so far?

Photography is a huge industry and comes with appreciation and achievements in various forms. from being published on a lot of digital platforms to being one of the top wedding photographers in the market. Having said that our biggest achievement would be the happiness a client gets after looking at their pictures, we have witnessed various emotions with our clients and that’s what makes all our hard work so meaningful. No amount of validation can match this feeling. We don’t earn clients, we earn friends like family for a lifetime.

5. What are all your future plans for your business?

We are living in a century of innovation. With technology moving ahead at a fast pace, there is something new being introduced to the world every single day and the wedding photography market isn’t untouched by the same. Thanks to social media, our clients have access to the newest trends and thus have ever-growing expectations from their photographers. In this fast-moving world, it is essential to keep up your game and stay ahead in the race because there is no place for the outdated in this competitive market. Our constant RND helps us move hand in hand with this modern world.

6. In the crowd of different businesses, how do you differentiate your business ?

Photography is not a business it’s an art, and that cannot be compared. Each photographer has their own way to portray skills. So this field has its own magic,  Each business is unique and Entrepreneurs put in a lot of hard work to make a mark. Having said that Photography comes in the service industry, one cannot see what they are going to get so what’s at stake is the trust of the client. So honestly that cannot be compared and differentiated by others.

7. Do you feel you have achieved what you dream of?

My dream is a very simple one, it is to make people happy. So I feel privileged that I can achieve it everytime i take the camera in my hand.  Every single time we see a couple in love it’s a rush of emotions that’s overwhelming. The amount of happiness a couple feels during their wedding can be captured in their heart but we help them relive the moment each time they desire with our pictures.

8. What are all the improvements you suggest in the area of Business you are in?

I wouldn’t say improvements, but I feel artists need to be updated with technology and their equipment. Talent for sure matters but with better resources we can create something more captivating and  also plays a major role in convincing your client as to why they should choose you over the rest.

9. Any piece of advice for budding photographers?

If you think this is an easy way to make money then let me tell you, that’s absolutely wrong. Buying a DSLR will not make you a photographer. Learning should never stop, never consider yourself superior. It is going to be tough, but don’t give up. Each client will teach you something that will make you grow. Don’t hesitate to try different styles in photography. Do your research and follow good work, get inspired and stay up to date with technology. Everytime you take a camera in your hand, give it your 100% because your client has put a lot of faith in you, and you certainly don’t want to disappoint them. Always aim to be better and value your art. For people to respect your work you need to do it first.

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