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“Marriage is dream of every bride. To capture this dream you need a team with a vision. I went across the open wide world of the web searching and scathing for every photographer to find the one person who shares the same passion. Then, Taher Hussain happened. Amour affairs is more than a team of photographers. They are visionaries. They capture every moment & make it a memory that will stay with you forever. Their sheer dedication can amaze even the Japanese. They tell your story in such a beautiful way that my bride felt like cinderella and I was here prince. Their enthusiasm never dies, even through our second anniversary they remember us, rather remind us the reason for our being together. Every picture speaks a thousand words, every video takes you down the memory lane. They make you feel special with every passing anniversary. A relationship with Amour Affairs will last a lifetime. They are here to stay!!!We were lucky to have found you :)”

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Their Moments Treasured Forever

Relive Each Moment

Our love for weddings and photography allows us to narrate powerful stories, captured as the events and emotions unfold, put together through a series of images and vidoes that empowers any viewer to believe that they were actually there.

We Immortalized Their Wedding. Now Yours?

Our candid photography, creative videography and that 'special something' immortalized the most special days of their lives and they will be able to relive it forever.

If you would like us to capture every breathtaking moment, even the unexpected ones, and tell the story of your wedding then get in touch with us now.

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