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Do’s and Don’t’s of a Pre Wedding Shoot.

Keeping the latest trend of prewedding shoots in mind we have come up with a few pointers which can make your pictures not only look good but great.

  • Your Clothes Doesn’t Have To Be Color Co-ordinated- Most brides and grooms often misunderstand the idea of colorco-ordinated outfits. This doesn’t mean that the couple needs to wear matching colors.  According to our research, one can together wear a beautiful combination eg- the bride can wear a pastel pink the groom can opt for something in grey, similarly combinations like mint green and baby pink, sky blue and peach, mauve and grey can look stunning in pictures.
  • What to Wear- Amour Affairs recommends the would be bride to wear something flowy which moves with the wind. It helps the photographer to make your pictures look straight out from a Fairy Tale
  • Keep It Simple- Minimal make up and less layers in your outfit and enhance your body and make you look good in the pictures.
  • Less Or No Usage Of Props- Its not mandatory to have props in your prewedding shoot. Your chemistry should just be enough to make your pictures look magical. Just be in love and let the photographer do his job.
  • Good Location Does The Magic- Getting your pre wedding shoot done at a good location not only makes your pictures look great but also makes your whole experience worth while. You will enjoy your time exploring while the photographer is busy capturing your memories of a lifetime.
  • Be comfortable- This is the most important and key factor of any photo-shoot. Wear something in which you would be comfortable not something which would just look good taking your comfort away.
  • Biggest Don’t- Too many changes during the day has a high chances of the shoot getting ruined. The amount of time the couple spends on changing can be used in taking some beautiful pictures. Because Less is More!
  • Don’t do just for heck of it- Don’t rush into a pre wedding shoot. Don’t come un prepared. Take out time discuss with your photographer and plan the shoot. Don’t just look beautiful in the pictures create some nostalgia.

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