Their  Love Affair

Love is a feeling….

“At Amour Affairs, we’re all about love. True to our name, we love blushing brides and dashing grooms. We love weddings and crying at weddings. We love couples in love and alluring emotions that truly capture the essence of your relationship. We love memories that stand the test of timer.”

Their Moments Treasured Forever

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Our love for weddings and photography allows us to narrate powerful stories, captured as the events and emotions unfold, put together through a series of images and vidoes that empowers any viewer to believe that they were actually there.

We Immortalized Their Wedding. Now Yours?

Our candid photography, creative videography and that 'special something' immortalized the most special days of their lives and they will be able to relive it forever.

If you would like us to capture every breathtaking moment, even the unexpected ones, and tell the story of your wedding then get in touch with us now.

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