Wedding Wishes | Guest Book

                                   Wedding Wishes | Guest Book


Vintage Typewriters- Arrange an old-fashioned typewriter together with long pieces of paper for guests to type their good wishes as the mood strikes.


Helium balloons with attached notes- Helium Ballons can be attached with little notes where guests can write. You can even attach little photos where the guests can write their good wishes for the bride and groom.


Wishing tree- Cut out little colorful cards and hang them on to the stems with threads. It will work as a decorative as well as a guest book.


Wine Bottle Guest Book-Now let your guest sign a bottle of wine with a glass marker and let them leave a note for the couple. Then let the wine be stored and kept in home and be opened up during wedding anniversaries.


Platter-Get your friend to draw something creative on the plate and allow guests to write wishes for you to put up the plate later on as a decorative in the house.


Pebbles for a beach wedding - An Irish wedding tradition wherein they have their wedding guests write their best wishes on smooth stones. You can have something similar put up in your garden after your guests have written down their wishes on them.


Paper Lanterns- A bedazzling idea that will involve all guests present at the ceremony is that of lighting paper lanterns,in honour of the bride and groom.Not only the lanterns give an astounding look to the entire ambience,but would also call for the guests to make a wish for the celeberated couple.It is a great way of taking their blessings in the most affable way possible.


Polaroid Scrapbook- Make sure the polaroid camera has plenty of film. Wedding guest can strike a pose then leave their photo on the guest book, together with their short message for the couple.

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Guest Book Puzzle-Either side on the puzzle features a portrait photo chosen by the bride and groom and have the back side for the wedding guest’s personal comments.


Wedding Caricature Sign-in Board-Bring life to your party celebration. You may wanna try hiring a caricature artist to draw the portrait of the bride and groom and let the wedding guest make a wish on it as they arrive.


Chalkboard Message in Photo booth-Get few slates, place them by your photo booth and let your guest write a short message before having their hilarious pose infront of the camera.


Vinyl Record Guest Book Alternative-If you are a music junkie, it’s more fun to use the vinyl record as a guest book instead. Use it on a table at the wedding reception with silver or gold marker pens.

10-vinyl-record-guest-book-ideas-018 (1)

Photo Frame Guest Book Alternative-Celebrate your wedding day along with loving words of your friends flanked by your chosen wedding photo.


Guitar Guest Book Alternative-If you have a music band or simply love music, you might want to repurpose one of your guitar into a guest book. This can generate an awesome display on the wall with a protective coat.


Vintage Postcard-For those couple who have a timeless vintage or travel styled wedding, using vintage postcards as guest book complements it. Guest can compose their sweet wishes for the wedding couple.


Engagement Guest Book- Spaces inside the guest book enable wedding guests to jot down sweet advice and best wishes for the couple while displaying the best photos from your engagement photo shoot.

We at Amour Affairs get Engagement Guest Book made on order.You can also use your Pre Wedding Photoshoot pictures, for the guest book.


Wooden Slice -You can have wooden plank where your guests can write their wishes and you can make use of the plank in various creative ways.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

Writer & Editor |Rabab Kasim

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