POPULAR DRIFT IN WEDDING THEMES


There are many trends going around when it comes to Weddings and the functions.Be it for a wedding of any culture (Maharashtrian, Gujrati, Catholic, Bohri, Punjabi, South Indian etc.). The most popular drift is themes, there are numerous themes which talented wedding planners and professionals can customize for you. Listing a few for you to get inspired,these are ones that will make your guests sit up, take notice and marvel at the tiny details…


  • Fairytale Wedding Theme- Theme that is going viral is the fairytale wedding theme! Well, who doesn't dream about a fantasy wedding? Here the bride is the princess of the day and the groom her knight in shining armour. The outfits usually are a fusion of the western style designed in an Indian fashion. The groom can take the bride in a Cinderella style chariot and can surprise her and make her all time dream come true.


  • Royal Theme:A touch of royalty with magnificient set ups, large florals and bright colors give you a chance to make your celebrations traditionally grandeur. A royal theme, where the bride and groom are the queen and king of the day respectively. The decor is usually set in with a backdrop of a palatial structure, with beautiful windows and archways. There are also colossal faux gates for a grand entrance. The groom usually arrives on a chariot (raath) tastefully designed to match the theme.



  • Aqua Theme-If blue is the color you choose, there is no better theme than this. This set up is well suited for a natural pool side venue. If not, one can always create this. The cool blue effect beneath the shining stars, the queen of the night in silver and the handsome king dressed in black is just like a dream come true.



  • Rajwada Theme-In its own grand style, the bright pink and orange décor, comfortable couches, finesse of the metal, richness of the food impart it a royal touch.


  • Indoor Garden- This look can be created for the summer, or for venues with no natural beauty, to add some instant freshness to the décor. Its like bringing the garden indoor. It is kind of like walking into a banquet hall, but getting the feeling of being outdoor!


  • Circus- For a sangeet function you can opt for this theme. Its completely mad and out of the box. Mixed ideas of the circus with fairytale stories ,placed large floral hats on the tables inspired by the Mad Hatter and polka and striped linen are few of the things you can add or ask your planner or designer to do it for you.


  •  The Vintage-With vintage back in fashion, Pale colours, lots of lace, antique mirror frames, pearl details and lots of candles can be used.Imported hydrangeas and peonies also can be used by putting them out in teacups as table centrepieces.


  • Rajasthani- Mehendi and Sangeet function can also have this theme. Pinwheels, puppets, umbrellas, used dhols as coffee tables and filled chai glass holders with gulab and mogra,clay elephants,etc can be used.


  • Black, Gold and Red : The theme where the space can have a look of a nightclub with lots of candles and red roses.People can come dressed In this scheme of colour.This will totally make the venue look super glam.


  • Paper And Origami-This one is Ideal for the Mehendi. Swap real flowers for paper flowers, bright coloured origami cranes,large floral fringed streamers on a wall etc can be used.
  • Peacock-If you wish to use this theme then you can incorporate peacock feathers in the décor and make use of similar colours.Make sure you don’t overdo it.


  • Arabian NightsYou can also have an Arabian Nights Theme.


  • Bollywood theme- We would like to conclude with a sprinkle of some glitz and glamour! Yes you are right, the most sought after wedding theme around the world is the Bollywood theme! The outfits of the bride and groom and their family members usually coincide with the ones that you will see famous Indian actors and actresses wearing on-screen. There is a growing trend of getting popular celebs to perform at the weddings. We often read in news that SRK performed at a wedding in Dubai or that Katrina attended a wedding and wished the couple a happy married life. The best part of this theme is it has multiple alternatives like Retro Bollywood, Current Bollywood, Hollywood style etc. Besides the arrangement for this type of theme are easily available. Similarly, you can get stuff designed for you easily.




Photo Courtesy: Pinterest&Google and Amour Affairs

Lifestyle Photographer |Taher Husain K

Writer&Editor|Rabab Kasim