Wedding photography rates

There was once an era when photography was considered to be just about clicking pictures and not an art. But the lens revolution herald a new age of knowledge and awareness. No one thought that photographers will become the visual story tellers that they are today. Nevertheless art and creativity prevailed. More and more people opt for contemporary photography services for their special occasions, be it grand wedding ceremonies or a quiet birthday affair. Everyone wants a piece of their own story told through imagery. The beauty with which photographers hold the emotions eternal is inexplicable; there is certainly a great talent at hand. However, every action has a reaction. As there was a flourish in demand for wedding photojournalism, everyone jumped on to the bandwagon. This sudden mushrooming of amateur / novice photographers as professional wedding photojournalists has given rise to a unstable market based on diluted talent and compromised quality of work.

This chaotic elevation in number of photographers has lead to a steep decline in the quality of pictures and videos that clients receive. Unfortunately, it is a no-win situation for both the parties. Point one: clients are confused by the broad range of cost; for example one photographer charges 5,000 INR whereas another charges 1,00,000 INR for the same work. Point two: clients are not well informed about the services that they will be gaining from the deal. Point three: as a result of lack of information client ends up making a wrong decision and ends up with the final product not up to their expectations, their special occasion gone to dust. And lastly the most harmful for the health of the economy: clients bargain, cajole and persuade to get work done for few pennies, which unbalances the complete photography ecosystem. So at the end of the day both the parties are at a loss.

However, one can avoid all these unnecessary hassles with a little bit of research and awareness between and about photographers. Surviving in this cut-throat competition is not easy but that does not mean one under-charges or over-charges a client. As it is in all professions in photography too talent comes at a cost. Photographers who charge more usually do so for the niche skills that they possess. These are usually professional photographers who have undergone exclusive training at eminent institute for various genres of photography. There may be an exception here though, not all who have undergone formal training may be talented but that is what is unique about professional wedding photographers, they are a perfect blend of talent as well as training. This education hones the photography skills of the talented and creates art of work such that it is incomparable! Thus an amateur or a hobby photographer will not be able to match the expectations of clients seeking professional and top-notch quality of photographs and videos.