Wedding Films

Capture the Moments
No wedding is truly complete without some candid videography. Weddings are some of the greatest events witnessed by mankind and memories of it should be preserved for generations to come. That is the reason that we at Armour Affairs try to capture the essence of the entire process with utmost care and professionalism through our array of videos and photographs.
Photographs and More
Our wedding films and candid videography track the wedding ffrom the very onset and if required from the pre wedding festivals and events such as dress rehearsals, engagement ceremonies, familial and couple photoshoots, separate bride and groom photoshoots and much more. Armour Affairs provides an array of services like guidance for good honeymoon locations, contacts with good caterers, and places where events can be held. In fact, our facilities do not end there. We also deal with honeymoon photoshoots and such. However, what one really wants at this juncture is the capture of candid moments that give away so much of emotion, joy and happiness. We therefore try to live up to that potential and give you the very best. You could refer to our rates of candid photography for weddings at our website.
The very best quality videos
As far as candid videography is concerned, we at Armour Affairs have the very best wedding video editor in Pune. As it is, weddings are beautiful from start to finish. However, with our expert services, your wedding could resemble a high end movie which you can share with family and friends and also preserve for generations to come. Armour Affairs is truly one of the best when it comes to professional wedding videography in Pune. Not just that, we are also spreading our branches to other cities. At present we provide professional wedding videography in Mumbai and professional wedding videography in Hyderabad.
Candid Videography
Just like with photographs, videos are much more fun when they are candid. But many a times, candid videos end up looking too crowded and clumsy. But not with us! With our candid videography services, you can be rest assured that your video will be glamorous, rich and vibrant which will only enhance the beauty of the entire process and make each and every one of your family members well and truly happy. Candid videography at Armour Affairs is a trademark known for its quality of excellence. You can check out our candid wedding shoot costs by meeting with us or contacting us or even on our website.
The Association
Our association with the family or the couple starts with the pre wedding stages and continues even post wedding. We like to be involved every step of the way and capture each and every incident and moment, no matter how small so that there is no compromise of the memories. Now all you got to do is have fun. With us you can be rest assured that you will get the very best. Armour Affairs has a niche for itself and its name is renowned in all circles. Be it candid videography or photography, we are the ones for you.