The one aspect of the wedding the guests would always look forward to.If you’re an Indian you know that wedding food is one thing for which most of the people actually show–up 😀 Aunty and uncles remember about the food even years after the wedding is over.Nowadays couples are shying away from the traditional dinner and getting creative with fun and light hearted nuptial fare.Our list is sure to inspire and satisfy all of you foodie brides and grooms-to-be for your big day and will help shaking up the Indian weddings.








People are incorporating fun foods in every aspect of the wedding like food trucks for instance it can be a couples favourite ice cream truck.Food trucks are definitely popular in western cities but they are great for Indian outdoor weddings too.They can come directly to your location.Your guests,especially children and ice cream lovers  will enjoy and love the idea and always remember of the fun time they had at your wedding.thats what you actually want at the end of the day.Happy Guests-Happy You.







Beverages stations are very popular wether it’s a signature mocktail that the couple creates…You could also name it as for eg;”Singhs special” or other drinks like flavoured lemonades ,coffee,tea or infused water for especially before the ceremony in big jugs or mason jars with pinstripe straws is something that’s actually catchy and fun.The only rule is that you should never leave your guests feeling hungry or in need of refreshment while your busy taking your vows.





Try molecular gastronomy.Sounds like a high funda scientific word but this is an amazing concept to excite your guests.You can have a paan flavoured cotton candy after meal as a mouth freshner or dessert.Also you can have molecular drinks served in glasses which will definitely excite a lot of guests.It can be served on your guests dinner table and is really something new and out of the world also the drink stays cool for long.There are few caterers in India who are experts in preparing such creative foodstuff for weddings viz;  Masala Library restaurant in Mumbai & Indian Accent in The Manor, New Delhi.


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Maybe you're not cake people or maybe you all have a serious sweet tooth. Either way, the idea of a donut bar  is genius. If you stack up donut into a tower, everyone can easily plan to pick one of their choice donuts.Serve up retro flavors -- like cream and jelly filled donuts Or get fancy with it and choose never-heard-of-that-before varieties like white chocolate and almond or coconut and mango donuts.Everyone is mad over donuts.Available at Mad over donuts,donut king,bakers basket.


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Another big trend is instead of passed food,making food more of an a bar with a chef muddling ingredients together in front of you-its fun to watch.Also you can have tandooris and starters BBQed.Guests will be all drooly over it.


One thing is for sure people are going to enjoy the wedding feast and remember it forever when you have such crazy stuff on the menu, but what about capturing their expressions and the creative foodstuff? That’s pretty important to safe keep,cause that definitely means alot to the groom and bride who have had sleepless nights to get it all right on their wedding day.The smiles,the laughs,the enjoyment,the crazy times at the donut bar to the excitement near the ice cream truck, everything needs to be captured for life long.AMOUR AFFAIRS Candid Photography services will capture your moments and will not ask you to pose.Everything captured by us is real emotions and just like whatever you do is not legendary unless there are friends to see it,similarly -“whatever you do in the wedding is not legendary….Unless there are candid photographers to capture it.” ;D