With the wedding season at its peak, you must be confused whether you wish to tie the knot or not. Well but for S and S is was a clear choice. They wanted to make the final commitment and spend the rest of their lives with each other. It did come easy to them, they knew each other since a long time as their families were friends and they were neighbours too even though it was for a short while. However, it was not till they were working professionals that they fell head over heels. S knew she was the one for him and she knew he was the only.

But it may not be the case for everyone. It may not come as easy to you, no matter, do not panic! It will come to you. Just give it time, whether you wish to tie the knot, or to make other serious commitments in the relationship is totally upto you, no one is going to force you, so be calm, give it time, think over it and it will suddenly become clear to you. Happy decision making guys! We wish you all the best with your partner hunt and hope you all get those beautiful stories like those we have created here on Amour Affairs!