Candid Wedding Photographer Pune

A recent survey has suggested that Bride-to-be prefers candid photo shoot over posed phot shot. When asked about the reason for choosing candid photography, most of them replied with a answer that they prefer capturing true feelings and real emotions.
Candid photos have a story behind them whereas a posed photo is the one in which photographer constantly irritates you with smile, show your teeth’s , lift your right arm , move your chin slightly down instructions. To choose between two styles, a proper survey has to be made regarding pros and cons of each photography style.

Explain candid wedding photography

Candid means truthful, straightforward and frank. Candid photography is capturing photo when the subject is enjoying wedding moments. Instead of interrupting and asking to pose for photo, candid photographer emphasizes more on clicking random photos of mood of subject without his knowledge. The subject can enjoy the wedding with simultaneously getting clicked. It is photography style in which the main subject is highlighted than the background. Techniques and skills are used to avoid bad part of the view and capturing only that area which can enhance the photo of subject.

Does High quality equipment makes difference?

No it is not the equipment used to click gorgeous photos instead it’s the perspective that makes the difference. Using high quality lens and equipment doesn’t assure you to capture a moment beautifully.  The same instrument used by traditional photographer and skilled candid photographer may yield different results. So what is the secret behind the best photography?
Capturing a moment beautifully is really not a rocket science. There are few tricks and techniques that should be implemented to capture and define emotions in photo. Sounds simple!! Well it’s not that simple as it sounds. Big colleges and photography institutes educated student regarding minute details and techniques to click breath taking photos, finally developing a naive photographer into professional one.

What makes candid photography better than posed photography?

Candid photography gives you collection of real captured moments that actually shows all your feelings and emotions. It portraits colors of subject’s emotions in photo. It gives different tint to different photos because state of mind of individual or the bond and emotion shared by the every two people in photo varies. A caring mother of bride is captured while welcoming guests. Now this is what is expected from candid photographer. Such photo brings memories back to life. Unlike candid, traditional photography believes in organized clicks i.e. arranging all the people and asking them to smile. Such traditional photos force the subjects (People) to forcefully fake emotion of smiling.  Weddings are full of hustle and bustle so organizing so many people and clicking photo is next to impossible.  So traditional photographer  most of the time end up capturing photos which have few people with closed eyes , few seems to be uncomfortable trying to fake smiles etc etc.

Will Candid photography replace the traditional posed photography.

This is debatable topic. All though candid photography emphasizes on clicking candid photo but still few photos requires instruction. According to need and expectation of subjects a professional photographer has to instruct and build an environment to capture the photos to meet the expectation of subject. Even though candid photography is in trend but you cannot ignore the traditional posed photography. Traditional photography gives you clicks like family picture which you can portrait and hang on your wall.


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