Some fun and frolic – Engagement ceremony in Delhi

After all the rituals and the ring ceremony, the bride and groom to-be had some fun time with their cousins and siblings. K was euphoric and squealed like a child when her brother picked her up and brought her out into the driveway. Here in the driveway, which was tastefully decorated and set a beautiful ambience; we were able to make quite a few fun-filled pictures [you will see them in coming posts]. K enjoyed getting clicked; she was carefree as she had some time to spare before they all returned to their abode. We eagerly wait for such free moments, where the bride and groom [in this case to-be] are not time bound and are happy that everything went as planned; their happiness shows in the pictures too, as evident in this one. Emotions!

We will end with the same clichéd line "Stay tuned for more exciting posts are coming up!"