There is a myth that a photographer can make you look beautiful even if you are shabby and not dressed properly. Wake up peoples!! Photographer is meant to capture you more beautiful photo not make you look beautiful. Taher and team believes that equal participation of brides are required, brides have to work hard on their looks and have to be dressed gorgeously on their day to have beautiful clicks.

Bride is least concerned about anything as much as she is about selecting a lehenga. If after checking out every possible brand and stores, trying numbers of lehenga u still are struggling to decide which one to buy than all u need to do is stop. Wait. Relax and think what exactly u want. Rather than what u want lets thinks what will suit u more and make you look ravishingly gorgeous on your wedding day.

To select the best lehenga that suits you, you have to first understand those few factors of personality like body type, complexion and height that describes the type of clothes that look good on you

Body Type:

Let’s first start with main aspect that is your body type. Every girl is beautiful in her unique way and she should be proud of her in all condition. Girls should genuinely accept their body type and dress accordingly to look prettier.

Pear shaped: Girls with pear shaped are those which has heavy bottoms type such girls should prefer lehengas with straight cut. Select lehengas with light print and small border as bold print and huge border may add volume you shape and size making you look more bulky than u actually are.

Hourglass shape: Every girl dreams of having hourglass shape but only few lucky have that balanced top and bottom shape. Good news girls!! If you are hourglass shape you need not bother to read this article as anything you wear will suit you. Don’t forget to check your complexion ad height to select the best lehenga.

Top hourglass shape:  In this body type the top is heavier than the bottom body. Girl with this body type please resist the temptation of wearing hip hugging lehengas . Such lehengas may make you look heavy. Top hourglass and pear shaped girls share the same rules when coming to dressing sense. Strict no to heavy borders and broad prints.

Straight body shape: the girls who can eat anything and still don’t put on are the luckiest girls. These girls have straight body shape. These shape girls have to look for lehenga which will add volume to their body. This can be achieved by selecting lehenga which have wide fuller skirt and stiff fabric. Wearing a short choli may help you more; it will provide you with the curves you want.

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