Sarrah and Ali-Love beyond boundaries

                                              Sarrah and Ali-Love beyond boundaries


Love is beyond all boundaries, and Sarrah and Ali's story is an impeccable example of the same. Their story is rather unusual and nothing less than that of a bollywood flick. Two different people living in two different countries , but destined to be together for eternity.


While Ali is the dashing software engineer in India, who worships his work and is impassioned about food n football, Sarrah is the chirpy, full of life girl from Yemen  who lives in pursuit of her dreams. The two lovebirds met through Ali's cousin who also happened to be Sarrah's childhood companion.

Their wedding can be called a perfect fairytale wedding with snowflakes and the elegance of white in everything. One could hardly take their eyes off the beautiful couple when they sauntered down the ramp, Sarrrah draped in the most beautiful white gown and Ali accoutred in a spruce blue outfit.

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The wedding was a mingle of Indo-Yemeni traditions and the touch of Yemen that sarrah brought along could be felt in everything.



Ali wore a Yemeni ensemble for the Saakan while Sarrah complemented him, donned in red and gold.

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Every moment of the wediing was unforgettable but the  most reminiscent one for the couple was when Ali went down on his knees and put the wedding ring on Sarrah's finger. Another one of their favourite moments was when Ali had to find his name in Sarrah's mehendi, she calls it a treasure hunt!


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When asked about each other, Ali expresses that he found the most loyal , steadfast and supposrtive partner in Sarrah, someone who will hold onto his hand in the darkest of storms.


Sarrah defines Ali as an understanding, caring, loving and the darlingest person she has ever met. Marriage to them means completing each other and their strength is in their togetherness.


This couple is one which both contrasts and complements each other. Their imperishable bond of love was only strengthened with their wedding vows and we wish this 'picture perfect' couple the very best for this new chapter of their lives.


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Photography- Amour Affairs

Story Editor- Sanika Raje

Make up by- Rukaiya Dumba


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