SH & SO- Pre wedding shoot

SH + SO Pre Wedding Shoot

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SH and SO were   neighbors when they were kids and their families’ fast friends,as children they played together and made merry. But soon SO’s family had to shift base   due to career prospects. It was only in college, almost after fifteen years that SH and SO met each other again. This epic meet happened at the very popular joint: CCD!
And from there it all began. So confessed his love to SH and she promptly confirmed her love for him. After two years of a sizzling and romantic courtship, SH wished to tie the knot, so did SO but.
However, SO also thought of making his career more safe and secure before taking the plunge. He wished to pursue further studies and there came their first tussle, good preparation for a married life I say! SH was a little mad at SO when he went to Bangalore to study management. But two years flew by like days; the long distance relationship did not falter their love and affection for each other, in fact it blossomed even more.
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Soon SO completed his MBA and was offered a promising career; things were heaven once again. As soon as he got the job offer, they both began with their elaborate wedding plans. We came across them when they wished to depict their lovely story through pictures; we obliged and did complete justice to their sweet story. And now they are a recently married happy couple!
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