Pre wedding photography in Pune

Isn't it a blessed feeling when you finally meet your better half and know that you will be spending your whole life together? Such is the power of love! It helps you endure through the thick and thin and come out smiling. Then wouldn't one want to preserve this lovely story in visual words and make it timeless? You do not need to seek the answer, it is evident in the rise in the demand of candid pre wedding couple shoots. More and more couples are opting for pre wedding photography and making sparkling memories. For a pre wedding shoot is not a photo shoot at all as the couple relives their most cherished moments till date. We can say it is a pleasant walk down the memory lane coupled with a glimpse of their dazzling future. They enjoy themselves, make merry and sightsee while the photographer clicks away! Well is it not a almost a vacation, thanks to candid photographers, you no more have to pose and pout, the artist will capture you unaware in beautiful locales with your loved one beside you.

There exists few variations of these candid pre wedding shoots. One is conceptual photography, wherein the photographer directs the complete photo session. Another is where the couple enact their complete story and the photographer captures these subtleties. There is also a trend of getting some really candid pictures where the couple is having their own great time together and the photographer  remains in the background and captures their priceless moments like a laugh shared or a tight hug. No wonder this art of story-making has flourished quick as wild-fire! Pre wedding candid photography is a definite hit will all couples today. They seek these artistic services and are ready to pay a tooth and nail for it. Well who would not? It is like your own Romeo and Juliet story isn't it?

  1. Harsha Jakhetiya
    September 29, 2014 -

    Hi, I just wanted to enquire about the pre-wedding shoot.

    • amour
      September 30, 2014 -