Of Band, Baaja and Dholkis

Of the many wedding ceremonies, the Sangeet ceremony is one of the most exuberant and glamorous one! Traditionally, it is a ceremony which is arranged by the bride’s family to enjoy some dance and music and to celebrate the bride’s wedding. It is one of the most evolved wedding ceremonies. Anciently it was celebrated only by the female members of the bride’s family. Nowadays, it is enthusiastically observed by both, the bride as well as the groom’s families. Women sing songs and play dholkis and youngsters dance around and make merry. The latest wedding trend is to have a theme Sangeet. We being Indian; Bollywood movies run through our veins. Undoubtedly, the most popular theme is Bollywood Sangeet or a Retro Sangeet. Groups of various ages get together and make stunning dance performances; dressed according to the chosen theme. Latest Bollywood dance numbers and remixes please the ears. Currently “Dilliwali girlfriend” is making the rounds and urging family members, friends and guests to shake a leg. And usually the showstopper is a romantic and graceful performance by the bride and groom together. Indeed it is a very colorful and dazzling affair!

This Sangeet, which we captured for our client, was a power-packed event with superb performances by kids, youngsters and adults alike. Amidst the musical notes, we were able to catch a glimpse of the scintillating performance by the bride and groom.

Writer, editor: Snehal