NRI weddings

Indian wedding photoshoots are growing into a well sought after industry and rightly so. Photographs remind you how perfectly beautiful your wedding was, some ten years down the line. While Indian wedding photoshoots find a comprehensive market to exercise their craft in, NRI wedding photographers in Pune are also very much making their presence felt. Irrespective the community you belong to or the religion you follow, we are here for you on your wedding day. At Amour Affairs, we just care about a wedding and the couple walking into the wedlock and their families. There are many Non resident Indians who fly down to the country to have their perfect wedding, just the want it to be, among their scores of relatives and friends while seeking their blessings. For them, Amour Affairs provides a team of the most responsible photographers who are among the best NRI wedding photographers in Pune.
We also are very much interested in pre wedding photoshoots. There is a certain quaint emotion that follows in the pre wedding photographs. The excitement of stepping into family life with the one you love, elevates the images appeal to another level altogether. We photograph Christian weddings, Maharashtrian weddings, Kannadiga weddings, Tamil weddings, Telegu weddings, Muslim weddings, Sikh weddings, Bengali weddings- you name it. While most other Indian weddings share similarities between them in terms of rituals, Christian and Muslim weddings stand out. You will not find another Christian wedding photographer in Pune who know their craft as well as we do. As NRI wedding photographers in Pune, we photograph destination weddings as well. If you are flying down to any part of the country, or to any exotic location, you will have Amour Affairs follow you. Even for you pre wedding photographs, and if yours’ is a Christian wedding, we make sure to capture the fun and frolic even from your wedding rehearsal dinner.
As one of the best NRI wedding photographers in Pune, client satisfaction is our top priority. We are the best in the industry because we care about you and your big day; and we are not simply saying that. We love photographing people in their most sincere expression of emotions; and weddings are the best place for an exuberance of emotions. We believe in the power of love and people uniting in love. Also the big fat Indian wedding is a sight to behold. The dollops of fun, cheerful chatter, and life simply gives a sense of contentment that is not to be found anywhere else. So, you see there is something in for us too.
Amour Affairs make the best Christian wedding photographers not only in Pune, but we are also known as the best Christian wedding photographers in Mumbai. For those couples who are planning to get married in Hyderabad, be it a grand destination wedding or a quiet wedding, we shall come to you since we are also known in that circuit as the best Christian wedding photographers in Hyderabad. Wedding photography is not a regular job for us; we love what we do and we hope you feel the same about the photographs we take at your wedding.