Why as an artist it is important for us to not give away RAW photos

Why as an artist it is important for us to not give away RAW photos

If you ran a poll to find out what are some of the biggest pet peeves that a photographer experiences when dealing with clients, undoubtedly, requests for all raw files from a photoshoot would be up there on the list. Many newer photographers cave in to the pressure of trying to appease their clients but the reality is that this is, in most circumstances, an unfair request that could do more harm than good. Jessica Kobeissi explains why in this video.

Our take on why not?!

Firstly clients pay us as a professional so that we are able to discern what is good and what is not. Our work makes sure our clients should have that level of faith and trust in us to know that we will choose the best.

Secondly --Loss of brand control. This really is the BIG issue. As a photographer, everything we put out into the world should be a representation of our style and brand. If we are releasing raw files there is always the chance that they will get posted as is, or edited in a manner we wouldn't. Plus just like Kobeissi has to say "It’s like giving someone a rough draft of your script and then having them edit and add things in there and then release a final version.”

That kind of inconsistency can be damaging to our brand and can cost our future business.

Kobeissi touches on more in her video, so I suggest giving it a watch. If anything, it may help us explain as to why as an artist it is important for us to release a finalized product and not RAW images.

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