We've all heard stories of love at first sight, someone getting smitten by their partner's beautiful eyes or smile, but this story comes with a twist. The story began on 10th April, when Jeetendra heard his true love calling out! Mic check, 1.. 2.. 3.. a mesmeric voice enunciated. Jeetendra found it so intoxicating that he couldn't resist but to run towards it! And there she was, his dream diva, Neelam, a figure of poise standing on the stage. Neelam was anchoring the event that Jeetendra was sponsoring. It was right that moment, when Jeetendra decided that she is the girl he would marry. It was simply love at first sight..or rather love at first intonation!

Neelam and Jeetendra's tale of unconditional love is beyond perfect. Their relationship is an extremely nurturing one and it strengthens our credence in love . We feel exceedingly privileged to have been witness to this beautiful wedding.


Our wedding was planned and executed in 15 days. I had given the responsibility to find the best candid photographer to a friend and he immediately referred Taher from Amour Affairs.
Amour Affairs were the only photographers we spoke to and I was convinced as soon as I spoke to them. Our wedding was a very homely affair and not a big scale wedding. But capturing every candid moment was extremely important to us. When I asked Taher how was he planning on doing that, he simply replied with confidence that they've not had even a single disappointed review.
And he was right.
During the celebrations Amour Affairs became a part of our family. Since it wasn't an extravaganza, by the end of the wedding all my friends and family loved the way the photographers just kept on going non stop and knew them by their names.
Taher was all around the place, trying to capture every moment, every expression, every angle, not wanting to miss any of it.
Amour Affairs has provided us with such amazing candid pictures of the wedding that it feels there couldn't have been a better way to relive those moments.
Neelam & I would personally like to thank Taher, Shetty & Raman for the extra effort they put in.
There wouldn't have been a better set of photos of our family and friends had it not been Amour Affairs.

Neelam & Jeetendra Singh Saluja.