Wedding is that precious moment of life where two halves of the same soul joins together in life’s journey forever. Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable, so that it is most important to find the perfect photographer for your  perfect day. Photography is the skill of observation it has slight to do with the things you observe and the whole thing to do with is the way you observe. At Amour affair we capture the souls not smiles.


Amour affair is the admired and most demanding wedding photographer in Pune.The camera is just a device for us with which we always try to give a reason to everything around us. We capture legitimate emotions and spectacular points of view, pictures that go beyond being just pretty, they are meaningful & priceless. We crave the stolen moments of life like the loving glances, soft kisses, shared laughter and joyful tears, in short the relationships between people. The story of union of the families, the spicy drama of the spiffy new outfit, that nanosecond before an expression lights up the groom’s face – we live for all of this! Even though our style is simple our images speak volumes about our subjects, who they are as a person, the relationships they share and the subtle nuances of daily life.

We at Amour affair offers the following services

  • Candid pre-wedding shoots
  • Candid wedding photography
  • High-end wedding movies
  • Exotic location shoots
  • Contemporary wedding photography
  • Conceptual photography
  • Destination weddings
  • NRI weddings
  • Maternity shoot proposal photographing and filming.etc


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