MEET  NEELAM AND JEETENDRA

We've all heard stories of love at first sight, someone getting smitten by their partner's beautiful eyes or smile, but this story comes with a twist. The story began on 10th April, when Jeetendra heard his true love calling out! Mic check, 1.. 2.. 3.. a mesmeric voice enunciated. Jeetendra found it so intoxicating that he couldn't resist but to run towards it! And there she was, his dream diva, Neelam, a figure of poise standing on the stage. Neelam was anchoring the event that Jeetendra was sponsoring. It was right that moment, when Jeetendra decided that she is the girl he would marry. It was simply love at first sight..or rather love at first intonation!






Facebook acted like a blessing in disguise, and it was immediately after the show that Jeetendra added Neelam on the faddish networking website and sent her a message appreciating her conduct on stage. Neelam was a person who barely replied to such messages, but as they say, when fate has it, everything falls into place automatically, and thus Neelam replied ! Soon, they exchanged their digits. What followed was a series of endless colloquies, and it clicked before they knew. Jeetendra decided to make the next move, but Neelam never replied to or answered his calls. The anticipation turned fruitful one fine day, when he texted her that he wanted to meet her. Neelam was surprised and was burning with curiosity as to why Jeetendra wanted to meet her. He asked her out for an innocent cup of coffee that wouldn’t take more than 10 mins.




Jeetendra travelled down 5 hours just to catch a sight of Neelam, but she kept avoiding him for a while. Jeetendra's persistent tribulations finally paid off and she agreed to meet him.

Their first meeting was a filmy one! Jeetendra came down in his posh big car, which created quite a stir in Neelam's mind. She wanted to back off, and just then Jeetendra stepped down and opened the door for her, with the most impressive words, " Don’t worry, I am a nice guy and you’re in safe hands”. Neelam found Jeetendra to be a charming man and was glad to have known him, but love wasn't on cards for her yet. She thought of him as a protective and harmless gentleman.




Once she sat in the car, they were to go for a quick cup of coffee but they got so comfortable with each other talking in the car, thanks to the traffic jam at Amanora junction that Neelam suggested we take a long drive instead to Tiger Point. They picked up a few chutney sandwiches from Marzorin and spent hours driving, chatting, giggling. Clear skies, night full of stars, at Tiger Point, they literally spoke about everything. A date that was to be over a quick coffee turned into a drive, some snacking, lots of chatting, some cozy moments on the way back and finally Pav Bhaji and Mango Milkshake at 2 am after which Jeetendra dropped her home.


Thereon visits to Pune became frequent, they met once in 10-15 days till Jeetendra finally asked her to marry him. It dint take much time because he was sure since day 1.


The proposal swept Neelam off her feet, because she never expected someone will ask her to be his wife and not girlfriend. She was completely charmed by the guy Jeetendra was. Jeetendra being the straight forward, strong willed guy was completely sure of what he wanted. They were so utterly in love that they decided to tell their mothers about it, and all this just within 15 days of their first meeting! Jeetendra assured Neelam that he would take care of everything and he has stood by his word. He personally took care of everything during the wedding,from  her clothes,for all the love,from penny to everything. He did not leave any stone unturned to make it perfect for her.

Ever since then, Jeetendra has taken care of not just Neelam's needs but also treated her family as her own. He came like a gust of wind which blew away all her troubles n worries n filled her life with love, surprises and joy. Neelam explains, everyone found her attractive when she was on stage, but it was Jeetendra who saw past her beauty and loved the person that she was. She adds, " Probably when I was sick,he said I looked the best.When I was on a low he said I looked the best.When I had tensions back home he was the best.” He made her feel loved like no one ever did. He would accept and oblidge even the smallest gift that Neelam's mother gave him. He would cover for her when she couldn't talk in front of someone. He got her a pastry when they first met, n a 'chunari' the second time. These little gestures always got a smile on Neelam's face and eventually she fell for them.



Jeetendra recounts, " She is really good with mothers , an amazing anchor. I love how she always takes her mother along for her shows." Completely smitten by Neelam's humble personality, he adds," She is a great addition to the family, she makes me feel special, she makes my family feel really special, she is so special to me". He fell short of words to praise her. He further admits," I challenged her that she would be mine within 6 months and we are actually married in less than 6 months". In the end all he had to say is "I promise to keep you happy and you will never have to worry when I am there". These words were simply the reflection of all the love he had for her, which was true, pure and selfless.




Neelam and Jeetendra's tale of unconditional love is beyond perfect. Their relationship is an extremely nurturing one and it strengthens our credence in love . We feel exceedingly privileged to have been witness to this beautiful wedding.




  1. Vinita
    October 14, 2014 -

    Beautiful pictures...beautiful story, Never imagined something like this could ever happen too. I guess nothing is impossible!