Latest wedding decor and mandap ideas

The latest trends in wedding mandap decor, decoration and ornamentation. There are many trends going around when it comes to marriage mandaps be it for a wedding of any culture (Maharashtrian, Gujrati, Catholic, Bohri, Punjabi, South Indian etc.). The most popular drift is themes, there are numerous themes which talented wedding planners and professionals can customize for you. There is a royal theme, where the bride and groom are the queen and king of the day respectively. The decor is usually set in with a backdrop of a palatial structure, with beautiful windows and archways. There are also colossal faux gates for a grand entrance. The groom usually arrive on a chariot (raath) tastefully designed to match the theme.

Another theme that is going viral is the fairytale wedding theme! Well who doesn't dream about a fantasy wedding? Here the bride is the princess of the day and the groom her knight in shining armour. The outfits usually are a fusion of the western style designed in an Indian fashion. The groom takes away the bride in a Cinderella styles pumpkin chariot and they live happily ever after!

We would like to conclude with a sprinkle of some glitz and glamour! Yes you are right, the most sought after wedding theme around the world is the Bollywood theme! The outfits of the bride and groom and their family members usually coincide with the ones that you will see famous Indian actors and actresses wearing on-screen. There is a growing trend of getting popular celebs to perform at the weddings. We often read in news that SRK performed at a wedding in Dubai or that Katrina attended a wedding and wished the couple a happy married life. The best part of the this theme is it has multiple alternatives like Retro Bollywood, Current Bollywood, Hollywood style etc. Besides the arrangement for this type of theme are easily available. For example, Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla can help you to design that perfect lehenga that Kareena might have worn in a superhit movie. Of course you would not wish to wear a design which has already been used but not to fret, these designers will add the perfect twist to make the design exclusively for you! Similarly, you can get stuff designed for you which has the Bollywood feel but is made exclusively for you.