Jewels for the Groom- It’s your moment too!!


Most boys scrunch their nose when asked to wear Jewels at their wedding.Wonder what jewels could look good on a groom??  We exactly know what!!

Jewels are usually worn and gifted to brides and gives that extra dash to their outfits.No wonder they always take the limelight ;p But hey!! Men deserve to be the cynosure too,they deserve to wear precious jewels too,they deserve to feel like a king too,they deserve all the happiness too, its their moment too…OK!! That’s enough ;p

If you are a groom tying the knot soon and who wants to look just as trendy and royal as your new wife on your wedding day or if  you are a bride to be wed and has some time to spare for planning for your groom and his look then these few trendy styles will definitely get you inspired.

Feast your eyes on these classy,royal,cool, maharaja style  jewels and gets inspired :

 Jewelled Buttons


It’s not just Jay Z who adds a bit of bling to everything, if it were upto groom wear designers, all Indian grooms would have a bit of bling on their buttons as well. Works best if the rest of your sherwani is kept pretty simple.


Strings of emerald/pearls

1728 - Copy

Who said men cannot wear necklaces? When it comes to their sherwanis, adding two strings of chunky, uncut emeralds, or layered strings of pearls and rubies can sometimes add that royalty factor.


The Jewelled Kalgi


Kalgis were originally worn by kings, to signify a majestic presence so its no surprise that Kalgi pins have become quite the norm in groom wear. You could either get a pin that is attached right at the center, or wrap a string around your turban with the main pin coming on the side. Another variant is when there are feathery strings coming out from on top of the pin.

Img001 - Copy - Copy

 The Brooch


You could opt for a minimal, small one on your pocket or a more elaborate one with strings  like the ones above, but if you are going for a minimal look on your sangeet, a brooch may just add that little bit extra you need.



The Jewelled boutonniere


If you plan to wear a suit for any of your function, you can wear a boutonniere which is really famous with western grooms.You can get yourself a jeweled boutonniere that goes with your brides outfit colour and with a much classier suit on, your going to shine.

 Rock the Preppy


Now this one is a bit crazy and for the crazy men who love what they do and looking for something different then the norm.You can go for a jeweled music instrument as a brooch, superman brooch or anything that you dearly like/love or passionate about.Cool and classy!!

Wait!! Comment below what you think can go better on a groom than these options.

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Photography | Taher Husain KAmour Affairs

Writer & Editor | Rabab Kasim


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