Eternal Love – Iqbal & Rashida – Watch in HD

Rashida and Iqbal, theirs is a love story, not unlike a William Shakespeare epic! Right from courting to settling down on a wedding date and eventually the D-day, theirs is a truly classic tale and we take pride and feel privileged having witnessed it. They define passion and the old gold romance, igniting in you a sense of yearning.

They defy the concepts of love marriage versus arranged marriage and prove that what prevails is only love... unconditional and pure! They knew each other for hardly 11 months before tying the knot, but that did not deter them from falling hopelessly in love with each other, they look as if they have been together since forever!

This video was shot during their various wedding ceremonies which were fully of fun and frolic at cozy locations of their home and wedding venue. We were able to engage their near and dear ones in an extempore, where they shared their two cents and wished the couple eternal happiness and togetherness. Amour Affairs being opportune as well as omnipresent, was able to capture these precious moments effortlessly. One would actually wonder how we were able to be at different places at the same time, but well that's our trick and that's why you should hire us wink wink!