Once you have agreed to be the bridesmaid, you will be making a few, actually many promises to the bride 😀  knowingly or unknowingly there will be a lot of load put up on your head.You have no choice but to collect the brownie points:p Here are a few bride wants and suggestions on how to live upto that beautiful honour the bride has given you.

1] Will you be my best friend,my sister & my counselor?

bffFashion statements,moods,boys and whatnot! As the brides best friend you have seen it all.You know her better than she knows herself.So fulfill her vision and plan her wedding and related functions and help her out by keeping in mind all of her likes and dislikes.Remember that honour was given to you cause you deserved it, so keep her satisfied.

2]Will you help me pick out the perfect dress?

bShopping during the wedding season,can lead to murder :p You will have to rise above such emotions and not lose your calm and help the bride choose her outfit,the colour that suits her,the shoes and of course the accessories.Be honest to her but not mean and give the bride what she needs, THE GOOD FRIEND.

3]Will you keep me from having a nervous breakdown?

nEvery bride is eager and nervous to start a new phase of her life.With all the chaos and rush during the wedding,minor disasters are sure to occur.BE THE HERO, and save the day because a bridesmaid is expected to always come prepared.So make sure you actually do come prepared.:D

4]Will you calm me down when I want to be a BRIDEZILLA?

1380561_538355299579202_999137749_nThere will be a million things running through a brides mind with the high and low of emotions which might force a bride to get into the ‘bridezilla zone’. All you need to do is reassure her that everything is taken care of and tell her about her job at the wedding :p to only look dazzling and beautiful.

5]Will you make sure I look good in my photographs?

mA bridesmaid is expected to take care of the smudged mascara,the lipstick colour has to remain,the tissue papers ready as well as tampons and pain killers for extreme situations.The bridesmaid also has to make sure the bride looks perfect in her pictures. The bride has her man,but she still needs her girl;)

There is  a better way.Help her get the best CANDID PHOTOGRAPHERS to shoot the wedding.She will thank you all her life  for doing that because candid wedding photography like AMOUR AFFAIRS can capture all her beautiful glances and the lovely gestures of the groom.Not to forget we will also snapshot the beautiful bridesmaid performing her tedious duties, in an extremely beautiful way 😀