A wedding story told by a beautiful bride!

In the following post, Shaista (quintessential bride) talks about her journey of planning a wedding, picking vendors and her experience in front of the camera.

I decided to do everything on my own and when you're a working woman things can get really difficult. Even Ali didn't get a wedding planner- we decided to do everything from scratch. We were lucky to have family and friends that helped us through this process- couldn't have done it without them.

Especially for my functions in India- I wasn't too sure of who to work with, but help from family made things easier- but i realized you just have to simply make time for wedding planning... Try not to keep everything for the last minute.

I remember I didn't have my main reception clothes a month before the wedding... ! I could never find the time to get out a shoot and make sure everything was done and I left everything for the last minute..Take out the time for this, as these memories are the ones etched in your lives for good.

Vendors I would definitely work with again: I got some of my clothes done in Mumbai by a designer named Asgar Munshi, his line is called 'AGASP' he has a great sense of style and will cater to all your needs. I would definitely work with him again.

Photography: Amour Affairs. Taher Hussain is a one stop shop. I was very scared before booking with Taher because photographs and video is something I do for a living and I was quite picky about getting it right. I remember being on the phone with Taher making sure he knew what I wanted, I sent him links to things I was looking for and he delivered much more than what I expected.

He and his team were great. I would definitely work with them again and recommend them. I think once me and Ali decide on having kids, Taher's definitely going to be doing some pregger shoots for us too.

Wedding time is hectic but it'll get over before you know it and ENJOY each and every minute of it! Its been 1 year and I couldn't be happier... :)