A love story that gallops across two continents!!

Amour Affairs is elated to bring you the most romantic story of the decade written in the bride's own words and lovingly published by us! The story starts from a different continent; the couple gets married in India and continues to globe-trot! 

We hope you find this story amusing as well as heartfelt! 

Ali and Shaista. Two people that couldn't be more poles apart in terms of personalities. Ali a very organized, excel-sheet driven individual; whereas I on the other hand couldn't be bothered about keeping a tab on things, write things on napkins and live spontaneously! We currently live in Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates. Like our personalities, our jobs are poles apart too. Ali works as a Senior Business Associate in the Oil & Gas industry for Mazrui Holdings, whereas I work as an Associate Producer for TV Shows & Commercials. 

It was quite funny how Ali and I met. I had graduated from Indiana University not too long ago and moved out to Los Angeles for work. I came home and switched on my computer to see a notification of someone named 'Ali Rampurwala' checking out my profile on the then famous 'Orkut' I went on to check his profile and saw he was in Indiana University too..! I was confused- all the desis knew each other, how come I never came across him before? And he was Bohri as well! So I was curious. I messaged asking if I knew him since we were in the same college and he replied innocently saying he was new to town and just wanted to get a better idea of our college town.

I being the helpful soul that I was, sitting in Los Angeles started giving him lists of places he should visit and things he should do around Bloomington. We got talking and became pen pals, more on the basis of helping him out since he was new to Bloomington. One Halloween weekend, my friends back home in college forced me to come back to Indiana for the weekend and I needed to close bank accounts and wrap up before I packed everything and moved out to Los Angeles.

Ali brought up the topic of meeting. I was a little eked because I wasn't sure what to think of him as yet... was he a creeper? stalker? weirdo? You can never trust anything online, but I said "Yeah sure why not...." and used the standard desi formula of huddling a group of friends with me ... I still vividly remember the conversation he and I had that night:

Ali : "So are you bringing friends?"

Shaista: "Emm yeah I'm going to get 2 of my friends"

Ali: "Okay I am getting 2 of my friends too"

Haha...It was so awkward for the first 2 minutes of meeting everyone but the next thing you know we were all dancing, having a ball and planning to head to a Halloween party (that got cancelled) Haha with a night that ended up in Ali holding my boots and me walking bare feet on the streets of good ol' Bloomington, Indiana.

The connection was undeniable! We became great friends. He asked if I wanted to meet him again the next day, just for a dinner- I assumed he wasn't a serial killer at this stage so I accepted and we had a nice meal and went out to go dancing and let loose. It was then we realized we had such a goofy crazy connection. We found ourselves on the streets of America sitting outside a college bar, acting like we were in India with our hands curled out saying "Bhagwaan ke naam pe dede babaaa....!!" with people staring us at like we were nuts... haha... I don't think anyone would ever understand that moment, but Ali and I knew- we had a moment, we had great friendship!

It was 2 days since we first met in person, and it was time for me to hail a taxi back to the airport. Once I reached LA, Ali and I kept in touch. We started getting closer with each passing day and soon made plans to do a trip to New York for Christmas to spend with some friends. That's where sparks flew and we just couldn't avoid it any longer. A great friendship turned into an even greater love in Manhattan.

Read the further story in our next post, can't wait? Neither can we!!