10 Ideas to save money in your wedding budget


There are 2 big days in any love story one the day you meet the girl/guy of your dreams and second would be the day you marry her/him.So on this big day of your life you don’t want to bungle up in anyway, disappoint any of your guests and higher priority would be to not use your budget in an inappropriate way or ways in which you wouldn’t get your 100% happiness and satisfaction.So amour affairs is here to help you with  10 easy ways and ideas to save in your budget and how to make use of your budget in the right way:

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1]  Shop for your trousseau during sales and discount season. Most saree stores and shoe stores have their annual sales where you can get stuff at upto 50 per cent off.




2] To cut travel time for vendors pay by the hour and also for saving in the  travel money for the guests-hold your ceremony and reception in one spot.





3]  For saris as wedding giveaways to relatives, buy from wholesale markets. You can get great suit pieces, shirt pieces and trouser lengths from mill stores at prices that are almost 40 per cent less than they are in the shops.




4] Get a  fresher fashion graduate student to design your wedding outfit for you. You'll get an original designer outfit for a fraction of the cost.

5] Make your entire trousseau from a single designer. You'll get a discount. Plus you'll get great personalised attention.



6]Keep your menu simple and basic. Offering too much choice leads to gluttony and a huge bill.

7]Avoid buying the samagri items you need for the ceremony.HIRE THEM.






8] For your honeymoon, book well in advance. If you plan your honeymoon even a day after the season ends, you get fabulous discounts on room rates and travel. Alternatively, tie up with an airline-hotel package deal.


9] There are few jewellery stores who give out their jewellery on rent.So if you know you are not going to wear your wedding jewellery ever again you can rent it out.Its an easy way out 😀

10] Avoid the pomp and glitz. Like in advertising, keep it simple :)




Most importantly..which will definitely make a perfect use of your wedding budget is getting a professional and well experienced candid photographer and expert cinematographers to shoot your wedding.Nothing will be more satisfying than taking moments from your wedding day and all the genuine emotions in  pictures that have real meanings.Other aspects of a wedding –the decorations,food etc are non-recoverable and hold little meaning but what will stay permenantly are beautiful memories captured.So source out your budget in amour affairs  direction  😀 We will make thorough use of it..But obviously..to only give you back memories which you will cherish life long ;)Its worth it!!!